You Lie By Joe Wilson

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I want to thank Joe Wilson for telling the truth not long ago when Obama was talking to congress.  The down side is he apologized  for it later.  I don’t think that Obama would know the truth if it was handed to him.  There are the few that think that Obama is a leader (VERY FEW) As I see it he don’t make a good follower in fact my letter grade for him is still an (F).

With any luck his poll rating will be as low as Congress.  “THAT WOULD MAKE MY DAY”

We have a few good reps. in D.C. besides Joe Wilson one more is Michele Bachman  from the State of Minn. not to say that there are not a few more but for the most part we need to let rid of about 97% of them and have a two term limit.

It seems there are those that make a carrier out of learning how to fleece America and they keep getting voted in over and over again sad to say.  Here is an interesting question how much vacation do you get a year?  and how much dose the congress get?  Now I say dose that seem fair?  But they will tell you how hard they work for you and how long they have to be away from home.  Well just sit down and cry me a river!  They are just so over worked.  Remember it is hard work fleeing America because they have to keep changing the way they do it in hopes that you will not see what they are doing.  Years ago we had carpet-baggers now we have Congress.

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