willful defiance of US laws by our current administration

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How long are the American people going to tolerate the willful defiance of US laws by our current administration and government officials?

Not only has President Obama and Attorney General (should be demoted to Attorney Corporal at best) Eric Holder openly told the American people that they are not going to enforce various federal laws such as the Marriage Act or any one of a number of immigration laws, but now government employees are being ordered to defy court orders and US federal laws.

The president of the union that represents officers of Immigration and Customs Enforcement, Chris Crane, testified before members of the House Judiciary Subcommittee on Immigration that ICE officers have been ordered not arrest any illegals that have been previously arrested, deported and then re-enter the US illegally again, even though that constitutes a federal felony.  Furthermore, they have been instructed to not arrest any illegal that is a fugitive from court ordered deportation if they have no other prior criminal convictions.

What is the difference between this and a police officer being told not to arrest someone for committing a felony if they had no prior conviction?  Or what about a police officer who was told to ignore a judge’s order to detain someone just because they had no priors?  If this was the case, anyone with a clean record could commit any crime they wanted and not be arrested for it because they had a clean record to begin with.  It wouldn’t take long for the crime rates to shoot through the ceiling.

Additionally, since when does any person, especially a government official, have any right to decide for themselves what laws they are going to enforce and what ones they won’t?

Just because they don’t like or agree with a law does not give them the right to ignore it.  What if I decided to ignore a specific law because I didn’t agree with it?  Does that give me the right to break it?

Using this logic, then who is to say that a vigilante is wrong in carrying out the justice that they decide to enforce?  If the government isn’t going to obey and enforce the laws, then is it the duty for private citizens to do it themselves?  One could make an argument for such, based upon the example set by Obama, Holder, Napolitano (Homeland Security who says that government is giving permission for illegals to work in US) and John Morton (ICE director).

The end results of Obama’s, Holder’s, Napolitano’s and Morton’s example could lead to complete anarchy and the total collapse of the American legal and judicial system.

In a US Supreme Court decision involving Sheriff Richard Mack, it was ruled that the county sheriff has the ultimate legal authority in their county, even over the feds.  This being the case, I strongly urge all county sheriffs to arrest any government person in their county involved in the willful refusal to carry out the laws of the land.  They need to arrest Obama when he comes to their county to campaign and charge him with crimes against the people and the Constitution of the United States.  County sheriffs need to arrest Eric Holder, Janet Napolitano and John Morton for the same reason.  Start at the top and then work down.  Perhaps then we can get some leadership in this nation that will uphold the laws instead of ignoring them.

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