Who answers To Who?

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There is no longer any doubt who Democrats in the House answer to—and it’s NOT their constituents back home. They let Nancy Pelosi break their arms and domesticate them so they would ignore unemployment, deficits, and a war and push forward with a 2300 page health care bill that they didn’t read and don’t understand. I hope their real bosses—the voters—will remove them from office and send them the message that they need to take a good look around the Capitol this December and enjoy the Christmas decorations since the voters will make sure that it’s their last Christmas to be seeing them as a Congressman.

Nancy Pelosi and Barack Obama’s Saturday Night Fever is an outrageous betrayal of their promises and the principles of good government. They will only hear one thing—the sound of election returns that send them home. Find out how your member voted and thank them if they remembered to vote for you and let them know that you will dedicate time, money, and energy to their defeat if they voted to give their seat to Pelosi and Obama.

I am personally committed to identifying 3000 conservatives in the month of November that agree with me. If you do I urge you to make a donation of $25 or more towards our efforts to vote these Democrats out of office.

We will educate the voters in their districts about their head turning votes.

And we will let loose an army of volunteers trained to do one thing: defeat them.

If you are as irate as I am, I urge you to make an immediate contribution today using this link:



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