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America why are we letting the few in Washington D.C. tell us how they are going to fix us.  There is but a few in D.C, that even seem to remember what our constitution is or for that matter what it stands for.

I for one am so tired of the words “Community organizer” that I get sick to even think about it.  I’m now wondering if the ones that voted for Obama are now having some second thoughts.  Sure there may be things that need fixing or adjusting but that don’t mean you throw out the wash with the rice water.

Obama has surrounded himself with Communist or at the least ones who sympathise with them and in my book there is no difference.  I think that its now time to start electing someone that remembers the constitution and what it stands for plus all it represents.

Some times I think that there should be term limits for all elected people maybe even a mental exam because from where I stand most of them need to be 51-50ed.  There’s a saying that “someone is not playing with a full deck” I’m now thinking that most don’t have a deck to play with to start with let alone be missing part of it.

It has been said that one should get in touch with their reps. and let them know how you feel.  Let me tell you there can not be many more than me who do just that.  When i call Senator Boxer and Feinsteine who are mine their D. C. office puts you on hold then says if nothing happens in two minutes you will be disconnected.  Let me correct part of that this happens at Feinsteine’s office the other is not much better.

I call their office at home and when I leave a message and is passed on it must fall on deaf ears because the do what ever they want.  Some how I have come to believe that they have forgot who they work for.

If there is something to be voted on and they get more for than against then that is the way it should be voted or the other way around if that were the case.  Then there’s the time that a law is passed in your state and the courts don’t like it so they change it. Now that’s WRONG! I don’t mind being called a “Red Neck Teabagger”  Hell some of best friends are Red Necks.  I’d rather have one of them covering m six than Obama.

In closing i don’t think that your going to like what’s coming down the pike.  Let me hear from you on this and after you read it pass it on.munity Organizer

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