U.S.Sothern Boarder

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As I see it the biggest reason that Obama wants immigration reform is he thinks that he will get more votes for the Demarcates.  The word comprehensive bothers me and I think that it should bother you as well.  There are guide lines to becoming a citizen we just don’t follow them.  These guide lines have been in place for a very long time which makes me say “WHAT NEEDS TO BE REFORMED.”

That is what Obama said about health care that we needed to get rid of what we had and start over.  The truth is it just needed a little tweaking and not much at that.

Everything is a catastrophe to Obama, the best thing he could do for America is resign!  Along with Pelosi and several others.  Congress should be a two term limit not a life time job.  Not to say that there are not some good people in Congress.  But a lot of them get to complacent.  I think that everyone in America should call, write, fax or by any other means tell them that we want term limits.

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