TSA is a joke

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I’ve been warning pro-family Americans for a long time that the TSA’s invasive policies would attract the worst of the worst to their jobs.

And more and more events prove me right.

It’s inevitable.  You can’t hire people to professionally grope your children and ogle your spouse without drawing predators.

Michael Scott Wilson was a TSA security officer from Baltimore whose full-time job was performing enhanced pat-downs and looking at full-body scanners.

Now, he’s been arrested for possession and distribution of child pornography.

Dale, this is an outrage against the American People.

Wilson’s neighbors described him as taking “pride in his position and the trust that comes with it.”

He takes pride in his power to indulge his perverted lusts, at home AND at work!

The TSA claims that his disgusting crime is an isolated case.

But you and I know better.

Just a few weeks ago, I wrote you about another TSA agent who was arrested for Child Molestation.

The victim was a girl less than 14 years old and this agent, David Anderson, violated her almost a dozen times over two years.

Anderson violated her body, just like he was paid to do to passengers like you and me every day.

It sickens me, but there’s even more.

Mr. Ashley Yang is a former TSA employee who enjoys masquerading as a woman.

Not only did he insist on wearing his costume at work, he demanded to be employed as a screener.

And since he thinks he’s a “woman”, he wanted to screen female passengers!

Public Advocate is the only organization fighting to defend our bodies and minds from the perversion of the radical homosexual agenda.

And I know that there are many more fights ahead, but we can win!

The TSA is afraid of Public Advocate and the power of Pro-Family Americans.  I am proud to tell you that only a few weeks ago the TSA announced major restrictions on what their agents are allowed to do to our children.

And it is all because Pro-Family Americans like you joined with Public Advocate to fight against immorality.

This is really a great victory for us!  But there are many more battles that we must fight.

I need you now as much as ever.

The TSA’s disregard for the Family will not go without opposition as long as mainstream Americans like you stand with Public Advocate.

For the Family,

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