Town Hall Meetings

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Now that Congress has it’s recess and they have returned to their respective states it now seems that what they have or have not done while in secession is coming back to bight them.  Can you imagine that?!

In the past several days I have heard several speak out of which I’m so glad to see.  It is evident that when the few have a chance to say what is on their mind that they get a great cheer from the crowd which emphasizes what is being said.  I see this as good.  One of the women that spoke impressed me a lot and seemed to do the same for the Americans that were there.  I’m speaking of Kate Abarm.  Arlen Spector sure got an ear full at the meeting he was at the other day from her.

For some time I have wondered if I was the only person or should I say one of few that has been upset with this administration.   I feel a lot better now when I see Americans i vast numbers show up at these meetings and for the ones that can’t make it call, write,and e-mail their people in congress.  Most of the news has no problem with the left standing up and saying things but when the other side speaks out they don’t understand what we are so upset about.  Then there is Polosi saying we are all brown shirts, communist and what ever adjective she and others on the left use. Speaking for myself I’m proud to be an American when I see people like Kate stand up and say what they feel for one it throws the left into a tizzy.  Yet after good upstanding Americans speak out from Obama on down refer to us as red necks, tea braggers etc.   Yet there are the ones that think Obama can walk across water and has descended from the heavens as the anointed one to save all of us from going astray.  Obama “Read my lips”  There were some 62 million of us that did not vote for you.  He keeps saying that he stands for what the people want.  “I don’t think so”  Obama remember the number 62 million!

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