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On Fox News 7-23-2010 Frm Senator Ton Tencerdo said that Obama should be impeached to the best of my knowledge this is the first time that I have heard this.  If everyone would think back to five days before the election you would remember Obama saying  “WE ARE JUST FIVE DAYS AWAY FROM FUNDAMENTALLY TRANSFORMING  AMERICA”

That should have struck a cord with with all Americans!  But as you see it did not.  What I do believe is some of the people that voted for him never thought that his words “TRANSFORMING AMERICA”  would mean that America will change.  Now what the Frm Senator said I have said for a long time.  America did not need transforming.

If anyone has been following my writings knows that I do not like the path we are being led down.  For example years ago no one bailed out all the car companies that went under now we bail out everyone and their brother.  With that everything is still being blamed on the last administration.  Well part of the cost went to the war effort which increased the cost of government.  But in the short time Obama has been in office he has out done the former administration in spending by a country mile.


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