The Tea Party is changing American Politics.

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The Total Number of people who voted in this poll: 119,546

1) The Tea Party is changing American Politics.
 73%  voted:  Strongly Agree
 11%  voted:  Agree
 3%  voted:  Disagree
 12%  voted:  Strongly Disagree
 1%  voted:  Undecided
2) What should be the #1 goal of Congress?
 30%  voted:  Cut Spending
 6%  voted:  Reduce Deficits
 4%  voted:  Cut Taxes
 28%  voted:  Repeal Obamacare
 16%  voted:  Create Jobs
 15%  voted:  Impeach Obama
 0%  voted:  Other
3) Will things get better now that Republicans control the House of Representatives?
 34%  voted:  Definitely
 44%  voted:  Possibly
 11%  voted:  Not Likely
 11%  voted:  Absolutely Not
4) Will the Tea Party influence how you vote in the future?
 60%  voted:  Definitely
 15%  voted:  Maybe
 7%  voted:  Not Likely
 18%  voted:  Absolutely Not
5) Which political party do you most closely align with philosophically?
 12%  voted:  Democrat.
 56%  voted:  Republican.
 13%  voted:  Libertarian.
 6%  voted:  Tea Party.
 3%  voted:  Independent.
 10%  voted:  Other.
6) What is your gender?
 67%  voted:  Male
 31%  voted:  Female
 2%  voted:  Prefer Not To Disclose

Thank you for your participation.

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