The federal government has raided and pillaged our Social

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The federal government has raided and pillaged our Social
Security Trust fund — bilking more than $2.8 trillion
in an effort to hide the true size of the federal deficit!

For years Social Security ran at a surplus — but no more!

Every penny has been siphoned off, leaving Social Security
teetering on the very brink of insolvency. And unless
dramatic, financial measures are taken, Social Security
will collapse under the weight of the retiring baby-boom

+ + Stop the Stealing and Balance the Budget

The blatant theft and corruption must end — with you and me!

We are the generation that has to step up and demand changes,
or there may not be a future for our nation.

Dale, I’m calling on EVERY member of our
Grassfire Nation team to rally together and hold
elected leadership responsible for the $2.8
trillion in Social Security surplus that has been
brazenly “stolen” by politicians from both sides
of the political aisle for decades!

Join with thousands of Americans who are putting
the federal government on notice for their blatant
thievery and demanding our money be returned!

Click here now to sign our “Stop Stealing From Social
Security!” petition:

Even worse than the corruption is the fact that politicians
are expecting senior citizens to sacrifice while their
bloated budgets continue to swell!

That kind of dishonesty may have worked once-upon-a-time, but
today’s grassroots citizens are engaged, informed and we know
the depth of mismanagement, corruption and waste that has
put our nation in such dire straits and we simply aren’t
going to stand for it anymore!

That’s why we have launched this grassroots petition
initiative demanding the following:

–All “stolen” funds are returned to the Social
Security Trust fund and put in a LOCK BOX for use
exclusively in paying Social Security obligations.

–Eliminate baseline budgeting that builds spending
increases into every government program.

–Cut all non-Social Security/Medicare programs by
10 percent annually until the budget is balanced.

Click here now to put the federal government on notice and
usher in a new era of fiscal responsibility and accountability:

We can’t afford to watch silently as Social Security collapses.
We can’t afford to turn away from and ignore the deep financial
chasm that threatens to envelop us all. Instead, we must take
bold action, to let lawmakers know that we aren’t going to
stand idly by while they spend and steal our nation into oblivion.

There is no doubt that unless citizens speak up, this kind of
financial debauchery will continue!

Click here now so Grassfire Nation can include you in upcoming
petition deliveries to Capitol Hill:

Thank you for turning to Grassfire Nation!


P.S. To make the kind of impact necessary, we must rally at
least 50,000 citizen signers of our “Stop Stealing From Social
Security” petition. After signing, alert your friends, and
encourage them to take action with you by clicking below:

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