The Anointed One Obama A Communist?

Posted by The Wild Zimarik in Education, General, Government, Politics, Speaking Out, We The People, Wrong/Bad Information

Now we have kids in grade school singing praises to him.  Wow this takes me back to Germany in the late thirty’s and half way through the forty’s.  Now let me think back there was a man by the name Adolph Hitler who handed out gold stars the the youth for turning in their parent’s their families, their neighbors and received a gold star for the fine work they did Parents what are you thinking to let your children be aloud to participate in such things? The parents of children in school now can hardly remember who Adolph Hitler even is let alone what he did.  For the love of God think about this. Now in School we let our children sing praises to Obama as if he could walk across water and so on.  This is a sad day to see this happening in AMERICA.  Obama is not God or even God like.  Our for fathers would turn over in their graves if they were to see this.  What Obama dose not remember is that there were some sixty million of us who thought that he SUCKED!!

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