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Hello America Do you know what your child learned in school today?  Do you know your states rating from best to worst among the fifty states?  The more that I see, hear, and think about a lot of schools are doing little more than baby sit the kids.  I’m not just talking about math,reading ,and spelling then sometimes it is a wonder that they even learn that.

One of my big concerns is American History!  It has been in the news that the ones in charge of what goes into the history books is being decided by a hand full of people that’s not to say that some of what they want in the books is not true but it is the parts that they leave out  that bother me and should bother you as well.  Starting with what the founding fathers started and set up for all Americans to live by.  If you were to watch the Jay Leno show when he ask people about current events and the strange answers they give is earth shattering.  Let alone about who and how America was started.  I have a hard time thinking of anything that the government dose that works well and don’t cost two to five times more that a privet concern couldn’t do better. Now I knoe that there is more that can be said on this subject but for now I wanted to get you started thinking about what I have just said and get involved in your child’s education.

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