Supreme Court

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The Supreme Court the other day on a five to four decesion on the right to bear arms.  Which being a NRA member I was glad to hear.  But now the windy city is trting to get around that decesion. Then there is the mayor of New York City that don’t like guns and the list goes on.

What dose it take for these NIMRODS to understand?  Maybe for some there is no help.  There are many States that will give CCW’S for the asking.  I think that that should be for all States.  My problem is I live in California one of the biggest anti gun places there is.  It’s not from the lack of trying to talk to the State Reps. about changing it.  I know that there are some Reps. in California that are on my side.  Being a member of the NRA a while back i tried calling them to see what they could do to help me correct this in this Satae.  It got me no where and I’m not saying all in all they don’t do good but I got no where on this matter.  Actually I was asking the NRA what more could I do to change things.  I thank the States that will let you carry and for the others we need all that own guns to call there respective Peps. in their State to get them on board as well.

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