States Rights

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In an earlier story I need to make a correction.  That is Montana/Texas were not talking of  seceding from the union but what they want to do is to get their states rights back that the federal government is stepping on.   It seems that there are more states that are starting along the same lines.  When they get enough Governors on the same page it will make it easier to do.  I happen to be in California and there is no question that we are in some deep _____ .  I’m one that calls/ emails or writes all my reps. and some that do not represent me to let them know how I feel.  I even call them in other states to let them know they did a good job on a vote or a not so good a job.  I’m one that thinks people like to hear that they are doing a good job.  If enough Governors got together it would make the yahoo’s in D.C. think before they continued to do more dumb things.  I’m asking all of America to let their reps. know so lets start getting the word out.

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