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For those of us that are on social security and have Medicare I think that we are in for loosing some of it after Obama gets done with us down the road.  As you might already tell he is ramming things through congress faster than I have ever seen before.  There is a publication called The Week. It is a magazine that covers a lot of things that are going on around us. I’m covering many topics in a condensed version.  For now I’m going to call them perditions for this reason.  I have a feeling that if not all at least most will come to pass.  For you that watch Fox News there is one that refers to him as the  “Anointed One”  As I have said in another blog I think he really wants to be King and sit at the right hand of God then later on he will trade places and God will sit at his right hand.  That’s why I smile at what I’m about to say.  “The other day someone sent me a picture of Obama walking Bow the dog.  Nothing wrong with that but with this exception Obama was walking on water and the dog was swimming”
Getting back to my point I think that he is just throwing everything out there he can so that it makes it harder to keep track of as to what he is doing that way when he throws in a zinger he hopes that most will be to busy to notice it when it happens.
I was impressed when I saw the Tea Parties across the country on tax day but he seems to pay no attention to them while saying that he is willing to take the time to listen to what you have to say.  “Sounds like a load of crap to me” Now if you look at things from the Vice President on down They have all been in power way to long.  In the beginning this country was run a bit different congress was not a full time job after doing the business of the day so to speak they went home to their regular jobs and so on.
People like Ted Kennedy who have spent a life time in congress along with many others have been there long enough to become very proficient at what I call “Rat Holing” money for them selves I think that it is time that there is a change in Washington D.C.  It seems I heard someone call for CHANGE!
The way I see it those that voted for the Anointed One may or should be seeing things a little different now.  From what you have read so far one might think that I’m putting this all on the Democrats well I’m throwing in some Republicans as well.

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