Senators Boxer & Feinstein

Posted by The Wild Zimarik in Politics

Just a thought: What if they were both to vote on something by majority rules! As I see it they both pay no attention to what the people they represent say or want it is all about how they feel. Seems to me that there is something wrong with this picture. For days I have been trying to call both of them in their DC offices. They both say that they are interested in what we the people have to say but it seems to be where it starts and stops. One of them their lines were so backed up that they said if you stay on hold it will last for two minutes then it will hang up. The other says to press one if you want to leave a message saying what we think is very important to her and that the mail box is checked often well the mail box was full so I was not able to leave a message. The problem as I see it with these two and others they have become complacent in their thinking and actions. There should be a term limit set as to how long they can hold the job. An other thought they should tested by a shrink to see if their ball of string is tight enough.

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