School Policy On Bulling

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In the news today there was a school that had two students to write a story that would be placed in the school news paper.  It was on homosexuality on if it were better to have a mother and a father that both being of the same sex!!!!

the fifteen year old in short was against it and being of the thought that there should be a mother and a father fort hat was his religious thoughts.  Well the story was published in the school parer then the boy was called down on it the school calling it bulling because there were some students had same sex parents well what about calling it reversed discrimination on students that were straight???  He was asked to recant his statement and said no that his faith would not let him recant. To me I did not think that the school knew what to do.  I say if the school did not want him to write about it they should not have given him the assignment.  I also think that this being political correct is getting old.  do the people that are so called in the minatory says the majority is wrong and hateful  well I think that it can be turned around and say that they are bullying us.

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