Sacramento, Calikornia

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Just to let everyone know I reside in California so now you will understand where I’m coming from when I say what I’m about to say.  If you think there are those you politely saying are standing in the shade”NOT OUT IN THE SUN LIGHT WHERE THEY CAN SEE” if you get my drift.  In Sacramento there is a bill #585 that is on the table for discussion and the will be voted on.  This bill has to do with guns and where in California they can be sold and so on.  As of the first the state is broke and can not pay it’s bills such as the state workers.  They will be given IOU’S instead of a pay check.  Some workers have had their pay check’s reduced and may be looking forward to even less pay.  My point is Yesterday I called seventeen reps. in Sacramento stating why is such a bill even up for discussion when the state is broke.  So you will know I’m also a member of the NRA.  If anyone has read some of my blogs before I think that on the Federal and State level most of them should be 51-50ed. which they will be keep ed for mental observation for 72 hours but with this difference don’t go and pick them up after the 72 hours. 🙂

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