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I live in California and I am one that calls their reps. both state and federal.  In some of my earlier writings I said that the State of California is trying to cut costs in a lot of the wrong places.

A while back for the fun of it I sent the Governor An application that I made up for a job working for him to find ways to cost in the state and that I did not want to get paid a hourly wage but that I would take one percent of what I could save the state.  As you might imagine I waited for some time and heard nothing.  I then called my rep. for the area that I lived in telling him of what I did.  Asking them if I wrote another letter could they hand carry it to the Governor’s office!  They said yes so I did and guess what I did hear from the Governor.  He had CC’ed a letter to my rep and one to me saying that they would keep my request on file and if they ever needed any help they would call.

I’m still waiting it was a long way back when this all happen.  State prisoner’s have what is known as a “Bill of Rights”  that some time back was enacted by then Governor Jerry Brown.  For years the thirty-three state prisons have been staffed with doctors and nurses  witch have not been doing their jobs.  You ask how I know this if for most any reason a prisoner need medical attention they are sent to a outside facility for treatment on the tax payers dime.

I know of one that was air lifted at the cost of $2500.00 for the chopper $400.00 a minute while waiting for the inmate to be brought aboard then three days of treatment plus a guard had to be there round the clock.  “I SAY WHY?”  from the same prison in one weekend an two different times an ambulances was called to the prison at the cost of over $500.00 to take them  for treatment.

I ask why was this not done at the medical unit at the prison?  There is more ways to save money in the prison system.  Let me remind you this is at just one prison there are thirty-three of them.

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