requirements in your state for a carry permit are:

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Gun owners no matter who you voted for this needs to stop it is up to you

When New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg and Boston Mayor Thomas Menino–both virulently anti-gun mayors–formed a new anti-gun group a few years ago, they envisioned the creation of a powerful force to lobby for new gun control laws. But in assembling their coalition, they failed to take two important things into account: first, the response of gun owners to this new threat, and second, that many mayors would not take kindly to being misled regarding the real purpose of Mayors Against Illegal Guns (MAIG.)

Over the past few years, even as they continue to claim they are only concerned with “illegal” guns, MAIG has worked to impose new restrictions on law-abiding gun owners by regulating guns shows, supporting reckless lawsuits against the firearm industry, and opposing the right of self-defense for law-abiding Americans with carry permits. Mayor Bloomberg, who sets the agenda for this radical group, is dedicated to the passage of highly restrictive gun laws. In an appearance on “Meet the Press,” Bloomberg announced that he would raise money to counter the influence of the NRA.

But there is a growing glitch in Bloomberg’s plan. More and more mayors are discovering the real purpose of MAIG, and are removing their names from the group’s list. After hearing from their constituents, over 40 mayors have resigned from the group since it’s inception.

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