Price We Have to Pay To Go Green

Posted by The Wild Zimarik in Government

Just finished listening to the Glenn Beck show on TV He brought up the point that the energy saving light bulbs that we are to use in order to help the idea of the earth staying green well for the ones that don’t know there is mercury in them if they were to break they are toxic.  There is some fifteen steps that is recommended to clean it up after one breaks.  Now the old fashion light bulbs that are or maybe I should say were made in the U.S.A. will not be done any more the energy saving ones will come from China you know the ones with the mercury in them.  Along with the toys with led paint.  This got me to wondering when most if not all the cars go electric and the batteries are no longer good there will even be more hazardous waist to deal with.  To me this idea of green I’m starting to wonder about. How about you?

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