Ponzi Scheme

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On the day of 6-13-09 Saturday.  I was watching the Fox News and they were talking about Bernard Madoff and his (PONZI SCHEME).  After watching the story my thoughts turned to Obama and he as I and many others see it is doing much the same thing with his bail outs and the taking of our tax dollars and redistributing it to others.  That is the short form of what I believe is happening.  I watch Fox News regularly and have heard Glenn Beck say that we need to get up off the couch and let the government know how we feel.  My son set this blog up for me so I could stand up and voice my thoughts.  I live in California and tried several times in one day to call the governor’s office each time getting a busy signal.  Which leads me to think there are a lot of people just like me that want to say something as to how they feel or someone took the phone off the hook.  I will try again to call on Monday to the governor office as well to Obama’s office which I had the same trouble getting through to him as well . Again I ask everyone to take a few minutes to make these call or by what ever means you want to communicate with them if you don’t they will walk all over you.  Why do I say that they will walk all over you “BECAUSE THEY CAN”  Even when I have written to my California reps. in the senate all I ever get back is a standard form letter no matter what the question is then they have the nerve to say to let them know if there is anything they can do for you and hope to hear from you again soon.  “WHAT A LOAD OF BUNK THAT IS’

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