Polosi Shooting Herself in The Foot

Posted by The Wild Zimarik in Education, Government

Seems like the Speaker Of The House Can’t seem to remember exactly what took place at the briefings with the C.I.A.

Even with her notes in front of her she was shooting herself in the foot over and over again.  The way she was going about it I thought that she was starting to sound like Clinton when he said “I did not have sex with that woman”  Just in general I would find it hard to believe anything that came out of her mouth.

If I were the C.I.A. I would not let her get away with saying what she is clamming.  If you have read any of the things that I have written before you will know that there are those on both sides of the isle that I have a hard time believing.  As many see it there is a lot of corruption in D.C.  which still brings me back to term limits.  I ask one time what would it take to get term limits I was told that a Senator would get a bill going on it. Now that’s funny they are going to cut their own throat?  It takes time to be corrupt.  I know that some are doing a great job but I think that there are more going the other way than the right way.

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