Pelosi Out of Control

Posted by The Wild Zimarik in Economy, General, Government, Politics, Speaking Out, We The People

It has come to my attention that since Pelosi has been in office that the military air craft she flies Coast to coast in every week has cost the tax payers better than two million dollars and if that is not bad enough the people that fly with her eat and drink with her costing us again over one hundred thousand.  We the people should call and demand that this stop.  She isn’t the President!  There is probably more to the story in her reckless and unwarranted spending that we don’t even know about. Let me even provide you with the phone number to the White House it is  202-456-1111 so you can so you can tell them this must stop.  She can go to the airport like the rest of us go through the body scan, and so on just like everyone else.

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