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Donald Trump’s favorite president will shock you.

It’s not Reagan, Lincoln, or Washington.

A 10-year-old Trump encountered this great man in person.

In September of 1955, young Donald waved to the President as he threw the first pitch in the first game of the World Series between the Yankees and the Brooklyn Dodgers.

A recent video clip exposes a long-lost message from Trump’s hero, and how it affects your savings and investments today.

Once you see who Trump’s favorite president is, you’ll understand why his slogan is “Make America Great Again.”

SEE the first 3 minutes of this short video so you can decide if you agree with Donald Trump’s choice — and discover how this will affect your retirement savings.

Tim Mittelstaedt
Editorial Director

P.S. There’s an odd connection to JFK’s tragic assassination and the Federal Reserve, too.WATCH it here now to connect the dots…

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