Out Rage At Airports

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Out Rage At Airports

By now I think that most Americans have heard of the body caners and the body pat downs with more complaints about them.  This is all down by the government saying that this is for your good.  I say is it really for our good!!  Then the government says that the scanners do not put off enough radiation to harm you.  Now there are people in the medical field that are saying not so fast.  That the government is not telling the full story.

Just think that when you go to the doctors for an x-ray or a scan of what ever sort think where is the person standing when this is being done!!  they are behind a sheaved or in an other room.  Well there is a reason for this.

Now when you are at the airport do you see the TSA employed wearing a check card for how much radiation they are also reserving or standing behind some sort of shield?  Of this I say take do notice and govern yourselves accordingly.  I myself have not been on an air plain on over five years and when I do travel I will find another way to go.

I know that some may say that they don’t mind if it makes them feel safer when flying.  Well that I guess is up to you.  But when you get enough radiation in your system I want to hear what you are going to say when your doctor says “I HAVE SOME BAD NEWS FOR YOU”  And that would be there is nothing we can do  for you.

Also I say good for the man that said “DON’T TOUCH MY JUNK”  “I say well said”  If someone tried doing that to you any where else you would be calling the police!

All the things that the government says is for your benefit is an other intrusion on your privacy.

For years I have said that I should have been born a hundred years earlier than I was that way the government would not have even known who I was.  I’m suggesting that one might give what I have said some real thought before going through this at an airport.

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