Open Mouth insert Foot

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The first amendment gives a person the right to speak out.  What I do not remember it saying is that a person has the right to tell lies!

This is the way I feel about Janeane Garofalo.  She spoke out against the people participating at the “Tea Parties”  What she had to say was a distortion of the truth actually more like a lie.

She could not have been more wrong about why everyone was there.  Is it possible that she needs to lighten up on those funny smokes?  Not saying that is what she dose but I think that the mind set is the same.

I’m one that happens to support the Tea Parties and for what they stand.  It’s interesting how you can get so many versions/takes on something that was done or said or for that matter why it was done or said.

Here’s a P/S

Janeane  I I will take a red neck to cover my six any time 🙂

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