Oconee County, Georgia Sheriff Scott Barry

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Way to go Scott Barry O wonder if people who own the gun store arn’t smoking to much loko weed????


Dana Safety Supply, a major distributor of weapons and accessories to police departments and civilians across the United States, has declared that they will no longer sell semi-automatic rifles to civilians. Instead, they will only sell to law enforcement. This prompted Oconee County, Georgia Sheriff Scott Barry to write them an email in which he told them he would no longer be seeking them out to purchase products for his department based on their decision.

This sign was photographed by a customer in Georgia as to DSS’ new policy:


Sheriff Barry wrote the following email to DSS:

It is my understanding that you have stopped selling self loading rifles to members of the general public in favor of selling them to law enforcement officers only.
I deeply regret that decision. As such, this agency will no longer seek bids from or purchase from DSS.
Thank you for your time and attention to this email.
Sheriff Scott Berry
Oconee County Georgia Sheriffs Office

Read more: http://freedomoutpost.com/2013/01/sheriff-pulls-business-from-dana-safety-supply-because-they-stopped-selling-semi-automatic-rifles-to-civilians/#ixzz2H9uFxXIj

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