Obama’s Three Dozen Lies And More

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President Obama’s press conference last Friday
included “three dozen lies, deceptions and misleading
statements,” according to columnist Charlie P.
Brannan. He called the President’s statements
“fundamentally dishonest.” The author also got
to the heart of Liberty Counsel’s concerns about
Barack Obama’s “spin” cycles: “Obama is using pure
political scare tactics to deceive uneducated
voters into supporting his position.”

It is our view that the President’s willingness
to distort facts to move poll numbers presents a
great danger to the integrity of the office of
the President, a bad precedent for the sanctity
of the presidential oath of office, and a real
threat to the liberties the vast majority of
Americans hold dear.  Please read my very important
message below – Mat.


Time and time again, we have watched legislative processes
being short-circuited by the radical congressional
leadership working in concert with Obama administration
arm-twisters.  This has never been more the case than
during the current fiscal crisis!

As we have known for some time now, the President has
surrounded himself with extremist, agenda-driven “czars”
and other unelected, unvetted officials. Worse, he is
blatantly manipulating federal agencies to sidestep the
constitutionally prescribed checks and balances of our
federal system.

In his first two years of office, with the support of the
leftist 111th Congress, Barack Obama advanced his political
agenda unchecked and unbridled – thus “fundamentally
transforming America” – one of the few campaign promises
he has faithfully kept.

And what better word than “tyranny” to describe the way
in which ObamaCare (as just one good example) was forced
down the throats of the American people?  Was the will of
“We the People” honored – or even considered – during the
obscene process of passing healthcare ‘reform?’

Barack Obama’s neo-socialist approach to governing
could be synopsized as, “Americans have problems
and it is the government’s job to solve them. The
more problems, the more government.  So trust us –
we know what’s best for you!”

Now he is using those same tactics in trying to convince
the American public of a looming financial disaster
unless HIS plan is implemented. The problem is, it has
been HIS plan and HIS lack of accountability that moved
this problem to the crisis point in the first place!

++This is a textbook example of governmental tyranny!

Modern American patriots know that standing up to tyranny
is just as important today as it was for Patrick Henry
and his compatriots during the revolutionary period.
Tyrants must be resisted in every generation!

As I have frequently said, comparing America’s revolutionary
times with our own, we are now facing even more oppression
than the colonial generation!

For this reason, Liberty Counsel has re-cast what is widely
considered to be the most important single document in
American history – the Declaration of Independence – in
today’s setting, reflecting the political and governmental
situation in 2011.

Dale, Liberty Counsel is rallying many tens of
thousands of Americans to join together and send a clear
message that WE WILL NOT SUBMIT to out-of-touch elected
officials who ignore the clear will of the American people!
In just a few days, we have already enrolled over 25,000
concerned Americans in this powerful statement of discontent
with what is happening – not in 1776 – but right now in the
summer of 2011!

We intend to hand deliver a full-color copy of this
remarkable document to every member of Congress,
selected members of the Obama Administration, and
anywhere else it can have an impact!  Now just imagine
how much more impact this will have when we inform the
recipients that hundreds of thousands of Americans have
endorsed its contents!

Click here to read the entire document below and to sign our
comprehensive “Declaration of Independence 2011:”


Proclaim YOUR stand against tyranny!  We want to tell the
media, our elected representatives, government bureaucrats,
and whoever else needs to hear about it, that patriotic
Americans REFUSE to stand silently by while leftists take
our nation apart, plank by plank!

Of course, there is significant expense involved in standing
up to socialists who are intent on remaking America, so I
hope you will choose to invest in Liberty Counsel’s powerful
“Declaration of Independence 2011” campaign by making a special
gift today.

Click here to sign the “Declaration of Independence 2011”
and to read or download the entire document. I will also be
pleased to send you a full-color, handsomely printed copy
for your home or office if you can support this vital campaign
with a financial gift of any amount today:


This is a citizen action that every freedom-loving American
should take! I rely upon our Liberty Counsel team members,
like you, to be eager and passionate when it comes to preserving
our liberties.

You have long ago proven to be deeply engaged in the defense of
our freedoms and the moral, ethical, and religious principles
that our country was founded upon. These are qualities that
lead to superior citizenship and are the very characteristics
our Founders said would be necessary for our nation to succeed.

Now more than ever, the enemies of true liberty need to know
that those of us who love liberty have not given up!

THANK YOU for all you do, and have done, as a key member of
the Liberty Counsel team!

Mathew Staver, Founder and Chairman
Liberty Counsel

P.S. Together, we can stop the deceit and tyranny of the
current regime! Please join me in signing Liberty Counsel’s
“Declaration of Independence 2011.” Its message is clear and
profound. This document is already making its way all across
our nation. After signing and helping with a financial gift,
please send this message to several of your patriotic, God-
fearing friends.  Help make this document the launch pad for
American renewal in 2011, carrying over into 2012!  Again,
thank you and God bless you!


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