Obama’s Speech

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On Obama’s 100 days in office he felt it necessary to go on national TV to inform the nation what a fine job he has done.  Guess he needed to explain it to the sixty-two or so Million that didn’t vote for him so they could understand.  Well we are still waiting for him to get something right!

As they would say it in England he spent one hour “Chin Wagging.”  Or as some would say he put the minimum amount of thought into the maximum amount of words. He and his cronies to us have keep Washington D.C. in a state of thing as usual.  Then how he will stay on the same path as before in the future. 🙁  In the thirteen questions that were soft balled to him he still managed to say a lot of nothing trying to impress everyone.  To me it sounded like how he ists at the right hand of God or is it the other way around?

I forgot how many days he has to go but I need a aspirin every time I even think about it.  At one time I thought that Clinton was a disgrace to the office well I’m beginning to rethink that thought.

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