Obama’s Czars

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Obama’s claim is that he is not a socialist.  As far as I’m concerned or as I see it he is.  Now with the czars by the numbers and growing we have at least one that says he is a communist.  I say you are or become what you surround yourself with.  Being a socialist is the ground work for being a communist.  Again I say that he claims he is not one but from the way I look at it I see it a lot differently.   The czars are not elected answer to no one.  I will say this I’m of the thought that Obama is a puppet and it is still not clear who is pulling the strings.  On Fox News Bill O’Reilly  who I enjoy watching gives him(Obama) a much better report card than I ever would.  As a matter of fact the only thing he has done that I do like is have the Navy Seals shoot the three would be high – jackers other than that I give him a letter grade of (F)  it would be a (F-) if it were not for that.  So you can see I do not like the direction Obama is taking the country.  I was doing just fine with the country I served in the military for.  Plus 98% of congress should be fried ,put in hand cuffs for treason. Yes I said for treason because they are not up holding our constitution.  Then set term limits for all of them coming in.  For a while I thought that there were but a few that thought like I do but the more I write the more I see that there are many.

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