Obama/General Mc Chrystal

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Maybe the General should not have an interview with Rolling Stones but it happened.  From what i can see about the General he calls it as he sees it.  Where as someone else might kiss ass.  I do understand the chain of command.  I also think that the person who wrote the story should hang his head in shame.

We still have Obama who thinks of himself as King but think of it in centuries past Kings would have court jesters who were the only ones that could make fun of the King I guess as King Obama has met his and could not handle it.  Obama forgets who he works for it’s WE THE PEOPLE   I thought that we have had some ding bats in the White House before.  I use the word from the TV show All In The Family from a few years back for those that are to young to remember.

Obama is in quick sand and is sinking fast.

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