Obama/Czars/ Others

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I’m using that I’m about to say from a Glenn Beck show That is Speed/ Surprise/ Violence These are the three things that Communism, Marxism and many others have in common to gain the upper hand.

Obama has for some reason has surrounded him self with Communist, Marxist and if they aren’t that they appear  to be leaning in that direction.  I say this looking from where I sit.  You may see it different but I don’t see how.

Now when White House Sr. Adviser gets up in front of a graduating high school class and says that she is inspired by Mao Sea Tung  of China.  If I were Obama I would take her out behind the barn and have her flogged but again as I see it Obama has no problem with her.  He must because I have heard him speak out against her. Then there is Valerie Jarrett along with Anita Dunn two more ding bats.  Now mind you this is only to name a few.  Believe me there is a long list of them.  Do you remember back when Obama said he went to church for twenty years and don’t remember hearing the preacher say any thing wrong.  Well I think he needs his hearing and eyes checked.

I think that the old story “You are known by the people you hang out with”  still rings true.  With that thought in mind Obama must as he so boldly put it he is going to fundamentally change America.  I do think that the plan has been put into action.  He has gone around the world apologizing for this that and the other. Next it will be for something that we haven’t even done yet.  Now Obama and the Secretary Of State are inviting the Russians over to check out how many missiles we have and nukes.  Now that is a jackass of an idea.

If it keeps up the way we are going you will see United Nations tanks and troops in our streets.  Nthe there will be those that will say “WHEN AND HOW DID THIS HAPPEN”

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