Obama spending your money

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Example when he gets on a plain there is the cost of the maintenance- secret service detail-motel -food-and he is of to raise money for some democrat!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  drinking beer shooting pool all the time doing nothing about the southern boarder, or doing something about anything else that needs to be taken care of Obama is the most do nothing person I know of.  I saw a bumper sticker the other day ”  IF YOU VOTED FOR OBAMA DO YOU REGRET IT YET? ”  I’m ready to send him a bill for all the fund raisers and take it out of his paycheck.  The money he spends is America’s money.  Sa far as I’m concerned he can walk to these fund raisers.

I do want to give him an award for being the worst President ever.  I can not put his name and the word President together.  I know there will always be the ones who think the sun rises and sets in him.  Well I feel sorry for you.  What can you say when you have KING OBAMA

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