Obama Health Care

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It is easy to see that Obama needs glasses!  He must because he did not see all the people outside the White Houes as far back as the Washington Monument.  Maybe even a hearing aid!

Now we have what most Americans do not want and I think that it is interesting that Atty. General Bill Mc Collum of Florida along with some other states are going to see about over turning the mess that Obama and his co-harts have rammed down our throats under the pertinence that this is what the people want.  The sad part is that all fifty states should be doing this.  Then there are those on the left that say I/we are wrong in saying that Obama is a socialist so I say look who he grew up looking up to and who he surrounds him self with!

Not long ago I called the White house and ask who I had to talk to to have Obama 51-50ed they did not know what that was.  It is to have a 72 hour sike eval to see if his ducks are in line.

Wait till there are line to see a doctor that were never there before. Obama is saying this is one of the things that he was voted in to do. I don’t think so!Everyone should call the White House and say that they want him to have a 51-50 done.  In fact there are several others I think need it.



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