Obama Going To Schools

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Also on the news it says that Obama is going to schools hoping to push his agenda with the very young.  Now as I see it this would bother me.  If any of you have read any of my latest entries you will see that I think he is heading us toward Communism with his taking from the rich and giving it to the poor. (Redistribution of wealth)  no more no less.  Hitler Did it in a very similar way it was called (The Youth Movement)  to get the young to turn on parents and others.  I have in the past ask everyone to call, write,or email everyone from the White House on down that you are not happy the direction the country is being taken.  I do it all the time and I come to believe that they have forgot who they work for and why they are there.  Different ones on Fox News has ask America to do the same but it seems to be falling on deaf ears.  Coming soon you can vote the “DINGBATS” to use a phrase that was used by someone else. out of office and replace them with someone that understands that they work for us.

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