Obama Care

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It was good to see that there are Attorney Generals that are starting to fight back through the court and one through the state vote.  As many have said we need LESS GOVERNMENT not more.

Then there is the State of California where I live that can’t seem to get much right either.  I know that there are a few good reps. both State and Federal that have common cents.  But by and large they are few and far between.

I’m also aware that when people have jobs it seems hard to fight the system.  By the same token how long will it thake to e-mail your reps. and let them know that they work for us not the other way around.

In California there is Madam Boxer I say that because I know that it gets under her skin.  Well she is coming up for reelection and this time I think that she is going down in flames.  At least I’m keeping my fingers crossed.  I know that this election is an off year one but I do hope that the turn out is so big that the democrats will wonder what happen.  So if people in all states would do the same America would have something to look forward to.  Just a reminder I’m not saying all Republican reps. are good I just want my America back!

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