Obama and Free Speach?

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I did not write this but when I read it I could not wait to pass it on.   From time to time I read things that say the same as I’m thinking,

Does my salutation make you angry?

I sincerely hope so.

Because thought and speech intimidation make me angry. Because as long as I am editor of Human Events, the national conservative weekly, we will never submit to this insidious form of censorship so pervasive in America today.

(In fact, the fictitious “Bureau of Correct Speech & Thinking” simply emphasizes how obnoxiously anti-American such a concept is.)

Yet… it is an inescapable fact that blatant “cultural censorship” is woven into the very fabric of today’s American society.

It’s why we may be hesitant to voice public disapproval of Barack Obama’s unprecedented expansion of government… or his groveling before America’s sworn enemies. (Who wants to risk being unjustly accused of racism?)

It’s why we may remain silent when others smear Sarah Palin and fellow conservatives as “stupid” or “uneducated.” (Who wants to be associated with either of these slurs?)

It’s why we may even be unwilling to reveal our deeply felt patriotism and conservatism to others. (Who wants to be branded by “sophisticates” as a “flag-waving yahoo?”

It takes a gutsy person to stand up to cultural censorship. I think you are such a person. That’s why I think you will relish each and every issue of Human Events.

In fact, I’ll send you a new hardcover copy of my bestselling book,
Obama Zombies: How the Liberal Machine Brainwashed My
Generation – just for trying Human Events at no risk.

I edit Human Events for the real world: Obama World.

Our reporters dig out covered-up truths the liberal media… well… cover up!

* FACT: Top recipient of donations from British Petroleum during the 2008 election campaign: Barack Hussein Obama.

* FACT: 15% of Arizona’s state prisoners are illegal immigrants.

* FACT: The U.S. Interior Department inspected the Deepwater oil rig less than two weeks before it exploded.

* FACT:The dirty secret about “green jobs” is this: Most are really government jobs. They couldn’t exist without government support.

* FACT: Number of so-called “conservative” Blue Dog Democrats in the House — 54. Number who vote a majority of the time with other Democrats — 54.

You really ought to hear our outspoken voice. And soon.

With this special invitation, you can receive 35 weeks of Human Events for just $39.95. That’s a little over a buck an issue — for fearless journalism that, unlike our president, refuses to bow, buckle or knuckle-under.

I’ll also send you, as a thank-you gift, a hardcover copy of my bestselling book, Obama Zombies: How the Liberal Machine Brainwashed My Generation.

I wrote this book because someone had to reveal how the most coddled, affluent, over-educated generation in U.S. history actually believed that a scrawny street agitator turned politician could save mankind. How, in effect, celebrity-besotted young Americans elected a “Presidential Idol” in 2008.

I flatter myself that Obama Zombies is a must-read for truth-seekers of all ages. (For the young, a warning that “cool” doesn’t always mean “competent.” For the not-so-young, it’s confirmation — I’m embarrassed to admit — of what they lament about the often naïve, impressionable young!)

It’s easy to give Human Events a try. Just click below and I’ll see that you get a chance to look us over before you decide to continue.

Come join us for the conservative Renaissance I’m convinced lies ahead. I pledge to you Barack Obama is destined to be the Jimmy Carter of this era. Be with us at the barricades… with Human Events!


Jason Mattera
Editor, Human Events

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