Obama And America

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America I have been writing on this site for some time now in hopes that I can bring to the attention to Americans that we are drifting away from where the founding fathers started the coarse they started us on.

From the early 1900’s we have had wacko’s in our government that have had us set sail on a new path of which I do not like and I’m sure the numbers that feel the same as I and I think that they are growing in numbers need to continue to stand up and be counted for.

Think back before social security as parents got older the children helped them the parents helped raise the grandchildren and we managed to do just fine.  Having stopped this way of life the children can’t wait to get out of the house.

I was sent an email which was to sign a petition to stop Obama in all he is trying and this is what I said.

“Obama if I need anything I will call you so in tell then stay out of my life and out of my pockets”

If you are say under forty you may not think that this concerns you think again!  When Obama says that he will have everyone insured someone is going to lose and the older you get the more you are going to lose!

Talk to your doctor has I have and not one of them thinks this will work.  Once you are on medicare it will change even if you don’t think so at this time.  Obam says he will cover millions more and it will not cost any more.

What he is really saying is watch my right hand when you should be watching the left hand.  I don’t like his fuzzy math that he usesHow about you?  White house phone number 202-456-1111 thell him what you think about his fuzzy math.


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