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It appears that Obama is spending way to much time away from the White House like going on the show The View it is just an example of him being in campaign mode 24-7.  The anointed one conned  a lot of people into voting for him.  I know that there are people that wouldn’t vote any other way but the Democratic ticket even if hell froze over.  But what I’m saying is this is one of the biggest conn games I’ve seen in some time.  I have to say he pulled it of like not many could.

If anyone has read any of my other en treys I’ve done you will see that by bailing out everyone and their brother cost us dearly.  I say again the car companies that have gone by the way side in the past no one bailed them out and the country survived.  Yes people would have lost jobs but when the horse and buggy faded out  and the car come along we survived that.

On the View Obama said that we are on the up swing and that there are six hundred thousand plus jobs in the private sector that are new but I say at what cost with all that he has done it has cost 1/2 a trillion dollars.  Now what dose that come out to per job???

On top of it all he is suing Arizona over something that the feds. should be doing he should be helping them.  This will all change in the 2010 and 2012 elections.  But it is up to you America this will not happen by it self.

God Bless America!

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