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Just what makes Obama think we should be happy with the garbage he has forced on the American people, with the back room deals plus what ever shady way he has seen fit to perpetrate on us.

And he has the nerve to stand there and say that we should be thank full that he the anointed one has blessed us with his crap.  That we should be grate full that he has put America in to such debt that we would be lucky that our great grandchildren can pay it off.

I said it before there should be a way to have him 51-50ed because from where I stand his ball of string is not wrapped to tight.  In some ways its to bad that he is not Japanese then he could do the honorable thing.

I’m not trying ti denigrate the office of the President but as I see it we have someone who is impersonating a president.  It is like California we have three main ones that are running for Governor and I would not trust any one of them.  On the ballet after the last name there should be a box that says “NONE OF THE ABOVE”


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