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As the new school year starts, some Americans naively believe
that their children are entering through the doors of a safe
haven – a place of refuge from the “outside world” and an
environment dedicated to learning and personal growth.

For many, nothing could be further from the truth!

In reality, millions of children will be walking into overt
socialist indoctrination.  Many will be summarily stripped of
their civil rights, experience bullying and blatant ridicule,
and suffer the censorship of any and all religious expressions.

Most will be taught revisionist history and some will
even be forcibly oriented to the “normalcy” of perverse
alternative lifestyles.

It’s frightening that so many public schools have become:
Breeding grounds for religious intolerance; cesspools of
leftist indoctrination; toxic cauldrons of ideas and teachings
that poison the minds of children and young adults; vehicles
for transforming young people’s cultural and moral standards;
indoctrination camps to turn young minds away from the values
and ethics being taught in the majority of American homes.

Many parents and grandparents are completely unaware of
what is really happening behind public school doors! And,
if they are aware, they often feel helpless to confront
and change these chilling realities.

++ We must stand against attacks on public school students,
teachers, administrators, and school systems!

Dale, I am asking you to take two crucially
important actions. FIRST, read and endorse the Liberty Counsel
Statement on Religious Freedom in Public Schools, which says,
in part…

I have joined hundreds of thousands of my fellow
Americans in declaring that our nation’s public schools
must allow the full and free exercise of every American’s
First Amendment rights to free speech, free association,
and religious expression.  Americans don’t leave their
constitutionally guaranteed liberties at the schoolhouse

SECOND, simply by signing the statement, you will be ordering –
free of charge – the “Patriot’s Handbook of Religious Freedom
in Public Schools.”

This booklet can revolutionize the way parents, guardians,
school system employees, and students view their public
school system, administrators, educators, curriculum, extra-
curricular clubs, activities, and fellow students!

My legal team at Liberty Counsel has developed this invaluable
handbook through decades of experience defending the rights of
educators, students, administrators, and community members from
the attacks of radical activists who want to squash freedom of
religious expression in any public setting, including schools.

It is imperative, as we start the new school year, that the
“Patriot’s Handbook of Religious Freedom in Public Schools” be
in the hands of anyone who is concerned about the direction
our public schools are taking!

In fact, we pray that one day this handbook will have a
place in every backpack, every book bag, and every brief
case that enters the dangerous environment so many of our
public schools have become!

The “Patriot’s Handbook of Religious Freedom in Public Schools”
is yours – free of charge – when you endorse Liberty Counsel’s
Statement on Religious Freedom in Public Schools.  Click here
to endorse this important statement and to receive the handbook:

++The desecration of liberty is happening in a school near you!

You may be wondering why leftist organizations target the public
school system with their anti-religious bigotry and pro-
alternative lifestyle agendas.

Simply put, indoctrination through early education leads
to acceptance.  If you orient the school administrators,
educators, and students to a particular way of thinking,
you’ve not only influenced the current generation, but all
the generations to come! At that point, the tide of radical
secularism will be virtually impossible to stop.

That is why I believe we are at one of the most critical
crossroads in our nation’s history when it comes to blatant
attempts to remove religious expression from our public
schools, indoctrinate students to alternative lifestyles,
and teach revisionist history.

++As the 2011-2012 school year begins, we must take action!

This message is, above all, a call to action!  As you know,
leftists and anti-religious organizations like the ACLU are
increasing their bullying of school systems, teachers, educators,
and parents through unlawful “consent decrees,” intimidation,
and blatant misrepresentation and deception.

Do not be misled by their carefully orchestrated attacks
and maliciously crafted messages full of misinformation
and propaganda. Take heart – there are counter-measures and
solutions available to every citizen of the United States!

The “Patriot’s Handbook of Religious Freedom in Public Schools”
contains those solutions. This booklet should be in every home
and school in America. The booklet covers the following topics –
and much more…

*What are students’ rights in public schools?
*What are educators’ rights in public schools?
*What about religious liberty at graduation and
other seasonal activities?
*What about religious groups meeting on school grounds?
*What are your rights as a parent or guardian of
a student?
*What about public access to school buildings?

I believe that this resource, containing this type of crucial
information about the rights of educators, parents and students,
has never before been produced in such a compact, easy to carry
format.  And it’s yours at no charge when you sign Liberty
Counsel’s Statement on Religious Freedom in Public Schools.

Parents and students truly need to be on guard and aware of
both the subtle and overt warning signs when indoctrination
is taking place. The “Patriot’s Handbook of Religious Freedom
in Public Schools” will tip you off to the red flags!

And when you are aware that your constitutionally protected
rights are being violated, you can be assured that you have
an advocate in Liberty Counsel!

Click here to sign Liberty Counsel’s Statement on Religious
Freedom in Public Schools and to obtain your free copy of the
handbook – or to find out how to obtain multiple copies to
give to other parents, students, Bible study classes, or
even your school administrators:

I am so pleased to be offering you this valuable resource that
contains so much hard-earned insight into the rights of educators,
students, administrators, and parents. As I said, I believe this
booklet belongs in every household and school in America!

We want to distribute hundreds of thousands of copies of
this valuable resource to school systems, educators, students
and citizens nationwide and I pray you will help it happen!

After you order your copy of the handbook, please prayerfully
consider forwarding this special offer to your friends and family.
Our children and grandchildren – and, indeed, our beleaguered
nation – all need our help!  Take action today!

God bless you,

Mathew D. Staver, Founder and Chairman
Liberty Counsel

P.S. Here’s the truth: Americans do not leave their religious
freedom at the schoolhouse door! That is a foundational truth
that every citizen needs to understand!

Please sign Liberty Counsel’s Statement on Religious Freedom
in Public Schools and get your free copy of the “Patriot’s
Handbook of Religious Freedom in Public Schools” by clicking
here now:

Thank you and may God richly bless you for coming to the
defense of Americans who are in regular contact with public
school systems!

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