Needing A License

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It is kind orf funny when you think about it that you needed a license for all different kinds of work in order to work in what ever area that might be.

Think about it no one needs a permit to have a baby and no one needs one to run for any government office.  Getting to the part of the government jobs for the most part the ones that get these jobs are the ones with money.  Yet we the people let a lot of people in jobs in the government by vetoing them in Such as is in the White House and in Congress.  Thats not to say that there are not a few that have their heads screwed on right but there are way to many that should a mental test before they can even run for any office.

Which in turns leads to term limits that we do not have but should.  The longer the most stay the more corrupted they become because they know how to use the system.   As I see it the one in the White House is leading us into socialism and if you look at other countries for hundreds of years it has brought them down as it will do us.

There is a saying someone can put the least amount of words thought into the greatest amount of words and when is all said and done you have nothing.  This starts in the White House and spills over into Congress.

There is no question that their is a lot more that can be said about this.  But when you go to the polls to vote please think about what I have just tuched on before you make your mark.

Remember I’m talking about both sides of the isle.  Remember you can always send me you thoughts.  One more thing the first amendment is only one of the reasons I joined the Navy so that you could live in a free country to speak what you feel. May God Bless

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