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Theo L. Peebles
643 Sandwood Ct
Weatherford, TX  76085-3042
(817) 599-3793
April 13, 2009
The President of the United States
1600 Pennsylvania Avenue NW
Washington, DC  20500
Dear Mr. President,
I am appalled that you bowed to the King of Saudi Arabia!  We are a sovereign nation and bow to no one!  The following letter, which I received as an email, expresses my sentiments a lot better than I could.  I don’t know who actually wrote it, but he ought to be given an award. You have NO idea what being an American is.  You are tearing my country apart.
Dear Mr. President,
You don’t speak for me.
When you go to Europe and say that Americans are “arrogant, dismissive and derisive” of our allies, you don’t speak for me.  When you pander to foreign leaders, presuming to speak on behalf of all Americans, apologizing for the actions of President Bush, you don’t speak for me.  When you desperately try to surrender to the French and the Germans, the Russians and the Saudis, and even our great friends in the U.K., just for the sake of maintaining your “Messiah” image, you don’t speak for me.
You and your wife may not be proud of America, but I am, sir.
The Europeans seem to have forgotten who saved their collective asses in World War II, but I haven’t.  I haven’t forgotten the tens of thousands of American fighting men who spilled their blood all across Europe to stop a murderous psychopath and his rampaging army.  And I haven’t forgotten the tens of thousands more who served in theater after that war, when the threat of Soviet advance through the Fulda Gap was ever present.  I haven’t forgotten, because I was there, for a time, anyway.  I saw the obscenity of the Berlin Wall.  I saw what happened to people who tried to escape communist Germany by climbing it, or trying to navigate the surrounding mine fields.  I occasionally patrolled that border, mirroring Soviet or Czech patrols.  And I remember watching on TV, crying as the wall was finally torn down.
I love Germany and England (France, not so much) and was ready to put my life on the line to defend them. So were the men I served with.  Many Americans continue to serve across Europe in the military uniform of the United States, more willing, apparently, than many Europeans themselves, to preserve the freedom there that we have already paid for with our blood.  I spent my money all over Europe, helping those economies flourish and grow, as did many other American servicemen and women who lived and served there.  My only thanks was a very small paycheck, some wonderful memories and the knowledge that I was doing something worthwhile that I could be proud of for the rest of my life.  I was, until today.
And then some pandering politician comes along and apologizes for all of that. You never served your country in military uniform, sir, so you wouldn’t know how positively insulting that is.  In fact, you’ve never done anything for this country but run for office.  You won the election and still you’re running a campaign instead of acting like the leader of our great nation.  And I don’t like it one bit.
I want peace.  I want it for my family, for my friends and for my country.  I’ve earned it and will continue to do so until the day I die.  I want peace with Russia and China, even Iran and North Korea, if it were somehow possible.  I want there to be a free exchange of ideas and trade goods and tourism between all of our nations.
But the difference between you and I, sir, is that I would never sell out my country to gain their applause.  Maybe you think you’re earning their respect and admiration by being weak and apologetic, but I know better.  The only thing you did was weaken my country.  And I won’t forget it.
I am proud of my country and not even the President of the United States can take that away from me.
Sir, you must stop bankrupting my country and taking it down a road to Socialism.  You and the Democrats are tearing this country apart.
Theo L. Peebles
There are a lot of Americans saying this.

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