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Good morning to you America
In recent times there has been more and more comments made by people in the movie and TV industry saying how they feel about this or that in the government as well as people that are or were in it.  There is no doubt that they have a right to voice how they feel I know that I do.  Now the difference between them and me is I’m not in the movies or on TV.  I wonder if they have thought that they by speaking out in public they could lose favor with a lot of those that would normally watch or listen to them.  Just a thought I for one have lost interest in watching several of them some I never liked and some I’m learning not to like.  Then the ones that I never liked I like even less if that is possible.  In short when you are trying to make a living one would think one would want to be in the favor of as many as possible to go and see there movies or to watch them on TV.

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