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Do you have your Ammunition Purchase Permit yet?

You’re visiting your local Turner’s Outdoorsman and to your surprise you find a precious few bricks of .22LR ammunition. Your young son and daughter smile knowing that this will be the weekend they get to break in that new Ruger 10/22 takedown rifle you bought back in 2013 to introduce them to plinking and target shooting.

But hold on a second- do you have your CA Ammunition Purchase Permit?!!! You submitted your fingerprints right? You underwent yet another background check? And you paid more fees to the DOJ? And you’re ready to “register” that ammo purchase with the state, right?

As you’re digesting this, your buddy calls and you excitedly tell him about the .22LR ammo you found at Turner’s and he asks you to buy him- “sure”, you say, wondering now if you’ll break the law by giving him the ammunition. Maybe you’ll  just buy it for yourself but then again, someone with the state might want to pay you a visit wondering why you’re buying thousands- 1,575 to be exact- of rounds of ammo when you have no guns in .22LR registered to you. Of course during their visit to your house, they’ll realize that you have 3 rimfire rifles that you purchased before long gun registration began in 2014 but that’s long after your neighbors have posted their cell videos of all the silver sedans parked all around your house.

Sound far-fetched? Well SB-53 (De Leon D-Los Angeles) will create a new bureaucracy by creating the Ammunition Purchaser’s Permit, requiring you to submit fingerprints and fees to the DOJ and will create an ammunition purchase registry. It will also eliminate online ammunition sales for all law abiding shooters be they hunters, 3-gun competitors, clays shooters or folks who just like to go plinking from time to  time.

What can you do? Glad you asked! First follow this link and enter your zip code. That will return the contact info for your CA State Assembly Member. Being that SB-53 can be brought to a vote on the Assembly Floor at any time, your Assembly member needs to hear from you today!

What else can you do? Invest what you think it is worth to keep your 2A Rights by joining and contributing to the NRA or CRPA, or join and/or donate to the CAL-FFL. All three of these groups have lobbyists on the ground in Sacramento fighting SB-53 and other anti-gun legislation. Again decide what’s worth to keep your liberty and please get involved. If we don’t get involved, the scenario above will be tomorrow’s reality.

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