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States Pull Trigger on Ammo Sellers and Buyers
Early this year, California, the birthplace of many laws that often go national, almost implemented a controversial ammo law that would have:
  • Banned mail order and Internet ammo sales;
  • Required a thumbprint and valid registration with all ammo purchases;
  • Forced retailers to store and file your personal information for five years and make it available to law enforcement.
With just a few days before the official start of the new law a California judge overruled the ammo law because it was unconstitutional.
Local Officials Brandish Threats of Taxes on Bullets
In the city of Baltimore, mayoral candidate Otis Rolley plans to impose a $1 per bullet tax if he wins this year’s election. In an informal poll by WBAL-TV 11, over 96% of the respondents registered opposition to the bullet tax scheme.
Gun and ammo ownership is a property-rights and Second Amendment issue. But there are credible studies which show liberalized gun laws reduce, not increase crime. Criminals happen to be the biggest fans of gun-control laws, because it means they are less likely to encounter a person capable of defending themselves.
On the other hand, “an armed society is a polite society,” as author Robert Heinlein once wrote.
Shell  Tax
  • When the Federal Assault Weapons Ban expired in 2004, Senator Diane Feinstein tried to claim the ban was effective in lowering gun violence. However, even the federal gun-grabbers at the ATF admitted they could not vouch for the argument that the ban was responsible for a lower level of violent crimes.
  • The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention studied the effectiveness of firearms laws to prevent violence: “The Task Force found insufficient evidence to determine the effectiveness of any of the firearms laws or combinations of laws reviewed on violent outcomes.”
  • An FBI study released last year showed gun sales were up in 2009, while at the same time violent crimes of all types declined by 5.3 per cent.
Gun Sales Have Been Brisk in Recent Years;
Expect Prices to Rise Substantially in the Future
The cost of guns and ammo will most likely increase due to government meddling, a devaluing dollar, and the rising cost of the hard assets needed to produce and manufacture guns and ammunition.
At the moment, many proposed gun-control laws have been defeated or pushed off. You can bet it won’t be long before new gun-rights invasions take place again. Purchasing a gun or adding to your collection now would be a good idea. If stricter gun-control laws are enacted, costs could increase substantially and availability will diminish.
Ammo Reload Kits: Fun, Profit, and Pure Necessity
Ammo  Reload Kit
Many hand loaders mention they can save quite a bit of money per round and their return on investment accelerates as they become more proficient at reloading. The savings realized also increases with larger size calibers. Experienced reloaders also mention other important benefits:
  • It’s a hobby they enjoy;
  • They can often shoot a better quality round for less than the low-end round bought in a store;
  • They are able to customize and better control how their ammunition functions and its accuracy;
  • It gives them “quiet time” in their exclusive “man-cave-safety-reloading-room”;
  • Producing their own ammo with their bare hands gives them a strong sense of pride;
  • Reloading gives them independence and acts as a buffer from ammo control laws or schemes that may pop up in the future.
Ammo reload kits are easily bought online or at your local trusted gun shop, and one can be found to fit almost any budget.
A new basic kit can run less than a few hundred dollars. Buying a quality used kit can save money and include optional equipment at a bargain. Find a kit that matches the caliber you shoot. Many kits also allow you to modify or increase the variety of calibers you can reload by purchasing add-on equipment: 9mm, .45, .222, rimmed, shot gun shells… you name it.
At bare minimum, the reload kit should include everything you need to hand load your ammo. However, the kit probably won’t contain casings, rounds, primers, or gun powder. These need to be purchased separately. Experienced hand loaders to pick up free spent casings at shooting ranges and others even pour their own bullets.
If ammo continues to increase in price, one could possibly make a little side money selling them or trading them in emergencies. In fact, if you don’t want to become a reloader yourself, it’s not a bad idea to get to know a reliable gun owner who does it.
Yours in Self-Reliance,
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P.S. – Consider joining the email list of a pro-gun organization that takes a “no compromise” stance on Second Amendment rights – National Association for Gun Rights. NAGR is an alternative to the establishment National Rifle Association which has a disturbing track record of endorsing incumbents who have favored gun control and which has been the architect of harmful compromise in key legislative and legal battles over gun rights.


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