Learning Chinese In Our School!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Posted by The Wild Zimarik in Education, Government, Politics, Speaking Out, We The People, What is the U.S. coming to?

Why in Gods name are our young children learning Chinese in our schools even if it is after school hours???  China is sending and paying half the cost the teachers from China to teach our kids to speak Chinese!  My question is “WHY”  and who is paying the other half of the teachers wages?

The other part is why our are the parents not out raged?  Why are American teachers not out raged that these teachers from China don’t have to belong to a union?  Not that I’m for unions but it seems that teachers get upset about everything else that happens.

I see it as China taking over our country with out firing a shot and this is where they are starting.  Every parent should demand that this be stopped.  “I say save your Confederate money the south will rise again.

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