It’s long past time for Eric Holder to go!

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Eric Holder is under fire again and this time, the question is whether or not the Attorney General committed perjury while testifying under oath to the House Judiciary Committee.

The charges revolve aroundWe cannot pass up this opportunity to tell our legislators to call for Holder’s resignation.   Holder’s involvement in approving a search warrant for the DOJ to access email and phone records during a highly questionable investigation of news reporters from the Associated Press and Fox News.

Here is what Holder told the House Judiciary Committee on May 15, 2013…

 “With regard to the potential prosecution of the press for the disclosure of material, that is not something that I’ve ever been involved in, heard of, or would think would be a wise policy.”

Days later, Holder was shown to have misreported the truth of the matter.  Here’s how Chris Wallace of Fox News reported the corner into which the Attorney General painted himself…

“In 2010, Eric Holder himself signed off on a request for a search warrant that named Fox News reporter James Rosen as potentially acting in violation of the Espionage Act.  The warrant request stated, ‘There is probable cause to believe that the reporter committed or is committing a violation of the Espionage Act as an aider and abettor and/or co-conspirator.’ The request also spoke of the reporter’s own potential criminal liability in this matter.”

James Rosen was never charged with a crime but his records were accessed by the DOJ!

On that same Fox News program, Representative Bob Goodlatte, the Chairman of the House Judiciary Committee, promised to give Holder the opportunity to answer the allegations, but offered up another DOJ issue…

“It’s more troubling that the Department might be putting false information into requests for warrants so that they can get a warrant to get, not just the phone numbers dialed as in the A.P. case, but the actual emails written by Mr. Rosen, the chief Washington correspondent of Fox News.
This is a very, very serious allegation, and the Justice Department, I think, made the problem worse by claiming that because they were not prosecuting him, there was no false information given by the Attorney General.”

Disturbingly, as with the IRS abuse of power, these DOJ improprieties took place during the 2010 election cycle.

++Eric Holder really must go!

Eric Holder’s term as Attorney General and head of the DOJ will likely be known as one of the most corrupt in American history.

Holder’s reign at the DOJ has been riddled with scandals, deception, racial favoritism, cover-ups, doublespeak, assertion of Leftist ideology, and outright dereliction of duty.

Liberty Counsel Action is joining a number of other organizations and leaders in calling for Eric Holder’s resignation!  

We must put the pressure on Congress and give them no rest until Eric Holder is driven from office!
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++One year ago, Holder was held in Contempt of Congress.

It was one year ago this month that Liberty Counsel Action was calling for the resignation or impeachment of Holder when the House Oversight Committee voted to charge the Attorney General with Contempt of Congress for refusing to turn over critical documents in the highly volatile Fast and Furious gun-running scandal.

As you may recall, President Obama came to Holder’s rescue by invoking “Executive Privilege.”

It is NOT permissible for the President of the United States or the Attorney General of the United States to use the power of their offices to obstruct justice, spread disinformation, manipulate voter blocs, confer special rights to selected political constituencies, employ double standards of justice, enact laws through fiat, fail to enforce the existing laws of our nation, or suppress the rights of political adversaries!

Yet, that’s exactly what America has endured time and again through the ongoing Obama-Holder collusion.

The arrogance of federal officials, both elected and appointed, has reached intolerable levels. Apparently, Barack Obama and Eric Holder feel they are above the law. This leads to gross violations of the rule of law and an outbreak of injustice at – of all places – the Department of Justice!

It’s long past time for Eric Holder to go!  

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Your timely response is greatly appreciated.  Thank you for taking action with us!

Mathew D. Staver, Chairman

P.S. Once again, Eric Holder may be complicit in stretching the law – or even breaking the law – to advance the leftist agenda. We cannot pass up this opportunity to tell our legislators to call for Holder’s resignation.

I believe that time will prove that this administration is among the most corrupt in our nation’s history. Attorney General Eric Holder is NOT above the law – and he MUST go!

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Taking action today is essential. Your timely response is greatly appreciated.
God Bless You!
Mathew D. Staver, Chairman

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