Is This America?

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Every time you thought that you heard the best one wait some thing will top it!
We have come to a point of crisis in the history of justice in
the United States of America.  For the first time ever,
American citizens face criminal convictions for…praying!

In just three days, Santa Rosa County, Florida, Principal
Frank Lay and Athletic Director Robert Freeman will
appear before a federal court on charges of criminal
contempt, the penalty for which includes $5,000 in fines,
six months in jail and loss of their retirement benefits!

Last month, I shared with you about this Florida community that
was mugged by the ACLU when two school officials dared to say a
prayer before a meal.  The story has since shocked the Nation.

We have rarely seen so much local involvement in support
of one of our clients.  The good people of Santa Rosa
County are upset and angry. They feel victimized and
isolated, wondering what’s coming next. They know they
could not face the deep-pocket ACLU bullies alone.

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